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What is the Last Moment Trick for a Surprise Party?

The key to planning a surprise party with is: Do not talk about the party. The next important thing about the surprise party is: Do not talk about the party. Getting all of the party guests to maintain the secret is notoriously tricky, but it is not impossible.

surprise party

Designate an Associate

Have a partner in crime who does not stay in the same home as the guest of honor makes it pretty easier to decorate the party venue, track RSVPs, store party supplies, and make sure that the guest of honor shows up at the correct time and place. Make sure your partner can keep a secret.

Keep RSVPs Secret

A surprise invitation should make it clear that this is a secret and that you are counting on guests not to disclose the secret. Direct RSVPs to a private mobile phone or email, especially if you’re planning the party for a spouse or someone who lives with you.

Set a Dress Code:

Keep in mind that your surprise will not appreciate arriving home to a formal soiree if she’s decked out in sneakers and sweatpants. Ask guests to dress the alike the guest of honor will be dressed.

Plan the Diversion

Never imagine that your guest of honor will arrive at the designated party venue at the right time without any baby sitter. Have the accomplice take him out for a quiet dinner or movie, then head to the party at the designated time.

Park Smart

If the party is at home, ask guests to arrive at least an hour before your victim’s estimated arrival and direct them to park around the block. Better yet, see if any from the neighborhood will let you use their driveway. The last thing you don’t want to ruin the surprise at the last minute with 20 cars parked in the front yard of the house. For the same purpose, ban exterior party decorations with order balloons from an online source.

Make it Memorable

Before the party, order balloons and ask each guest to email you a short story about the guest of honor, and put them all together in a photo album or small book. During the party, take a picture of each guest and paste the photo into a scrapbook with the respective short story. At the end of the party, the complete book makes a beautiful remembrance.

Fake it

One cool way to keep the real party under wraps is to either plan or even throw a smaller “fake” party on a very different date. This way, the guest of honor thinks that his balloon bouquet delivery or is being remembered and will not suspect a more massive surprise birthday shower.

The Time it Right

Another way to keep the part of the surprise is to hold the party after or before the actual birthday, or at a specific time. While the birthday girl/boy may be suspicious of an outing in the evening, she will not be expecting an afternoon picnic or balloon bouquet delivery or brunch.

On the Big Day

Ask out for help: The day of the party is the time to ask your confederate for extra support. One person should organize the party guests, while the other is babysitting the guest of honor.

Work it into the Routine

Try to arrange the surprise birthday around something routine so as not to provoke hint. If the birthday boy/girl always takes a dance class at a specific time, arrange for the guests to be at her house when they arrive back home. If the birthday boy/girl always goes out with the guys on Friday night, arrange for the party to be at their usual hangout place.

Gather a Flock of Early Birds

The person organizing the guests needs to be sure that all of the guests have arrived the place at least a half-hour before the guest of honor is due. This will avoid awkward moments and flimsy explanations.

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