Top Reasons to Choose Dental Implant – George Pegios

A dental implant is one of the growing tooth replacement methods. It is the process of placing small titanium screw into the jawbone and then attached with dental crowns. Crown is the only part which stays visible after implanted. It can be useful for single, two or more and even full dental implant. Getting four or more implants can support multiple numbers of crowns.


It doesn’t matters you are missing one, two or all of your teeth, George Pegios and all other doctors preferred dental implants to patients for permanent solution.

Feel Like Natural Teeth

Natural teeth anchored with the jawbone because of their roots. Same scenario works with implanted teeth, titanium screw is inserted within jawbone which works as root of artificial tooth. After having implant, it will feel completely natural within some period of time. Feel confidence to eat, speak and smile with implant teeth.

Long Last

Because of its process, implant teeth become part of our jawbone and it does provide a permanent solution of missing or loose teeth. While other tooth replacement treatments need to replace with the time. If dental implants cared properly, it can last for a lifetime. If you want to get benefits of treatment for long-term then choose a dental implant.

Easy to Care

Taking care of dental implant teeth is similar as taking care of natural teeth. Brushing and flossing is needed to maintain hygiene, but there is no need to apply special creams etc. there is never any problem occur in implant teeth i.e. teeth filling or root canal. Maintain good oral hygiene and regular visit to dentist for avoiding gum diseases and get benefit of dental implant for long life.

Improve Eating

Removable dentures are not comfortable while eating, it slides during eating and you will feel uncomfortable and not enjoy your eating activity. Dental implant improves ability to chew food properly and implanted teeth are 80% efficient as natural teeth.

Bone Growth

Dental implants are helpful in restoring jawbone structure and prevent bone loss. Bone is living tissue of our body and it needs stimulation to heal up itself and get healthy. Patients who get removable dentures suffer from problem of bone loss with over time. Dental implants improve quality of life, it works as natural teeth and provide stimulation to bone for growth.

Safe for Natural Teeth

One of the major benefits of dental implant is it doesn’t effect on the health of natural teeth, but there are many other tooth replacement methods which weaken natural teeth.

Improve Health

You can’t able to eat different food groups with removable dentures. Implant-supported prosthesis, so it allows you to eat healthier diet, which will be helpful to improve nutrition. You can comfortably eat crunchy and chewy food group, i.e. carrots, lettuce and apples etc.

Higher Success Rate

Dental implant has a higher success rate over all other tooth replacement methods. Technology and technique of dental implants improved with time and it also improves success rates. If you have a healthy lifestyle and don’t smoke, then you have a better chance of getting successful implants.

George Pegios suggests implanting is a popular treatment from all other dental procedures because of its success rate and long term benefits. Implant is effective for all ages of people without having any bad effects on their health.

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