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What is your saddest story about a pet?

saddest story about a pet

I tell a saddest story of pet.I found two puppies in northern ontario, they were about 8 weeks old. Their Mother had rejected them and I knew they would be left to fend for themselves. I brought them back to the city much to my parents dismay. I was allowed to keep one who was my Sandy and gave her sister to our neighbor.

She was my first ever dog and she was very clever and loving. When I became sick and went through surgery she waited by the door till I came home. She never left my side once. In a sense her and I grew up together. She was raised by my Mother’s calico and actually thought that was her Mother. When Sandy was 13, my Mother’s cat died and she was so lost without her friend.

I moved away for school and Sandy stayed with my Mom, Dad and Brother. One day, she used her nose to open the door and ran off. My family looked everywhere and couldn’t find her. I was so upset, that I drove 4 hours to help find her. We never found a trace of her anywhere.

Some months later, still heartbroken, I had a dream that her and I were star gazing in the field like we always did. When I woke up, I knew she had died and maybe just came to say goodbye. I like to think when my Mom died, my Sandy was there to give her the heroes welcome. I hope one day she’s there to meet me too. I love you Sandy!

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