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What perfectly real story of yours appears like an outrageous lie?

What perfectly real story of yours appears like an outrageous lie?

outrageous lie: just up the road from my apartment in San Francisco. There has been one of those fast food restaurants that turned into both a KFC or a Taco Bell, depending on the angle from which it was regarded. The established order turned into common stopping factor for students coming from the nearby university. And those college students were common goal for a remarkably bright crow.
Now, on maximum days, the fowl in query might simply hang around the restaurant (as well as different ones close by) and scavenge for scraps. every once in a while, although – I noticed this appear twice, and had it happen to me as soon as it might enact a far greater complex scheme than absolutely going via the gutter: The crow had reputedly observed that money may be exchanged for meals, so it would wait until it noticed a likely mark, squawk at them to get their attention, then select up and drop a coin. all of us who replied might witness the bird hopping some feet away, then following its “victim in the direction of the supply of its subsequent snack.
while the crow approached me, it dropped a nickel on the ground. I stooped, picked up the coin, after which jumped slightly when the bird made a noise that sounded no longer unlike “Taco!”
pointless to say, i bought that crow a taco.
The final out-of-pocket cost for me, minus the nickel, was something like $1.15. however, I figured a bird that smart deserved a reward simply for current.
Of path, that changed into probable precisely what i used to be imagined to think.

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