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The coming of laser surgery, breakthrough in genetics and evolution of numerous vaccines significantly contributed to the improved healthcare industry. But as the industry flourishes and make great strides towards the inevitable success, certain smaller things are still to be dealt with. Near-sightedness or myopia is one among the manyRead More →

Orthopedic Spine Surgeon

So what do orthopedic surgeons actually do? How do they contribute to the society? Here are some amazing ways they do: Who is an Orthopedic Surgeon? An orthopedic spine surgeon is a medical professional committed to serve humanity and the society by contributing their bit towards prevention, diagnosis, and treatmentRead More →


Bankruptcy Reviews Bankruptcy isn’t the end of the world. It may even be good for you. Bankruptcy stops collection calls, lawsuits and wage garnishments. It erases debt. And despite what you’ve heard, bankruptcy may help your credit scores. Credit bureaus and scoring experts often say bankruptcy is the single worstRead More →

ebola virus

New Ebola species Sierra Leone’s wellness ministry yesterday said a fresh species of Ebola virus has been detected in bats in the north of the united states, which would bring the amount of known species to six and become the first new a single discovered in greater than a decade.Read More →