NASA confirms biblical apocalyptic claim is hoax image

NASA confirms the biblical apocalyptic claim is hoax

The hoax created through some superstitious persons claiming that September 23 could be a doomsday for earth has now tested fake. Scientists from NASA has confirmed that the biblical apocalyptic claim is none aside from a hoax.

NASA confirms biblical apocalyptic claim is hoax image

It became earlier speculated that an item known as planet x will smash the earth. While, that point as properly, NASA commented on the idea and termed it as a hoax. However, still few people preserve to provide their opinion on the problem.

It changed into all started out when several Christian conspiracy theorists claimed that the earth destroyed on September 23. But, they didn’t have any proof to show their claims. Later, the famous author who wrote ‘planet: the 2017 arrival’. David Meade prescribed that a hidden planet called ‘Nibiru’ will all at once seem within the sky hit our blue planet. And this could be the end of the world.

David Meade claims that an unknown planet Nibiru will are available front of earth containing heavy particles. Firestorms inflicting the eruption of super volcanoes, tsunamis so one can cause mass demise and cease of the world. His assumption is based totally at the prophecy of e-book of revelation in which a few hypothetical things are written catastrophic activities taking place on earth.

NASA and its scientists said that there is no such hidden planet named Nibiru in the universe. If it would be there, then it would tracked by using this time

Explaining the state of affairs and Meade’s predictions, the researchers similarly stated that his assumptions weren’t sensible at all, despite the truth, they had been based totally on verses and numerical values depicted inside the bible.

Mead, in his theory, has targeted one wide variety this is 33. He believes that as Jesus lived for 33 years and additionally the call Elohim. The call of god to the Jews, become also mention 33 times, consequently 33has emerge as biblically tremendous and additionally a numerologically full-size wide variety. Also, September 23 falls after 33 days of the august 21 solar eclipse. Every other Christian numerologist stated that there is range sequence written in bible. This is Luke 21-25-26 which fits with the fact that general sun eclipse took place on august 21. Typhoon Harvey hit Texas on august 25 and flooded Houston on august 26.

He also stated that he isn’t always telling about the whole destruction of earth but factors out to the fact that the current surprising calamities occurring to earth. And on the solar might result in some more destruction in coming weeks.

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