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Why do many people love Steve Jobs more than bill Gates, even though Gates is generally mentioned to be a nicer person?

Why do many people love Steve Jobs more than bill Gates, even though Gates is generally mentioned to be a nicer person?

Because people are stupid!

sincerely, bill was (and is) a very great guy. crazy smart. Created the world’s most valuable software company. he is a hero to me. I used to work for him (indirectly).

i’ve heard morons say “due to the fact he copied what Steve did.” that is overall crap.

What, exactly did Apple make that Microsoft copied? The GUI? clearly, that was created by Xerox (records of the graphicalconsumer interface) and Apple copied it from them. So windows was a copy of a copy? good enough. I guess. Of coursethat leaves out GEM (Graphical environment manager) which certainly looks a piece more like windows 1 than MacOS.but I digress.

honestly, at one factor MSFT saved APPLE (Aug. 6, 1997: Apple Rescued — via Microsoft | wired) from financial disaster.who’s the hero in that story? humorous sufficient, humans boo’d bill when he did that. go determine.

actually, I think that Steve changed into usually better at selling himself than bill. bill honestly did no longer deliver a crap what everyone thought of him. He hated being on level. Steve loved being on stage.

So, why do human beings feel that way? generally because they do not without a doubt know both character and they are intellectually lazy.

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