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What is the most human-like interaction you’ve ever had with an animal?

I raise goats. They’re happy little assholes with a lot of personality. I also have…a lot of them, so I have a lot of stories.

I have an attack goat. Her name is R.T. She’s always been a little turd since she was born, and likes to run full speed at other goats, me, objects… When she was twenty pounds she took me to the ground and then hopped away. One day I was feeding grain, and another goat jumped up on me and took out a chunk of my hair as well as my headphones. It hurt. I screamed. From the other side of the pen, R.T came running full speed at this goat and did a complete body slam. She rolled the other goat a few times. Apparently she’s the only one that gets to fuck with me.

Another good one is more of a goat mentality… They are social animals, and they have best friends, and then bigger groups of friends that they hang around. When one goat is in trouble, all of them in that social group freak out and call for help. Last month some of the babies were playing in a tree. I went to check on them a few hours after, and maybe 10 girls of the same age were all screaming and bouncing off of the walls trying to get my attention. One goat had a buddy missing. That goat went running toward the tree…I found her friend with her leg stuck in between the bark of the tree. When I got her out, she wouldn’t stop licking me.

I just love that other animals look out for each other so much, and know to call for help.

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