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How to Tighten Your Loose Skin and Regain Body Shape After a Successful Weight Loss

Tighten Your Skin Body Shape

Do you know getting rid of loose skin after weight loss is NOT a BIG DEAL!

But first, you should rejoice! Cheer up. Because weight loss is not an easy task BUT you did it and this calls for a celebration.

This shows you have the will power to perform. Now we will tell you why you can easily regain your ripped body you always dreamed of!

loose skin

Simple Question needs honest answers

Tell us, what now you have:

  1. Loose Skin, or
  2. Excess Fat?

Look, everybody has fat deposits that are resistant (or stubborn) to dissolve. Men have it on their bellies and women on their hips and thighs.

Weight loss process just cannot target any specific area as it works evenly.

Now those areas with really excess fat, appear bulging. WHEREAS the area from where fat has melted, looks like Loose Skin.

How to know what you have?

Simple, Just pinch your body part which is an eyesore (is still bulky)

If you have more than a few millimeters of skin, there is obviously more fat. (Excess skin is present too, but you need to burn the underlying fat). Once this happens, your skin will automatically tighten.

Understand that your skin takes shape from whatever there is underneath and once it vanishes, your skin gets  a new shape!

But how to achieve that quickly, is the BIG Question, no? Well, the answer, again, is simple. Just read on.

The Reality between Weight Loss and Loose Skin

Whatever you did for weight loss: either starving or excess cardio, you lost two things:

  1. Fat, and
  2. Muscle

Yes! You lose both.

In fact, both fat and muscles are the underlying mass beneath, which shapes up your skin. This mass also helps it from hanging loosely and your body takes shape you are proud of.

Either due to Cardio or Crash Diets, if you lose both fat and muscle, this underlying support vanishes and you just cannot do anything to this limping skin.

How to Tackle Loose Skin?

Grow your muscles is the best possible answer. Resistance training will help grow your muscles faster and also utilize the fats in the best possible way.

Fat is almost gone, but growing your muscles back will ensure your skin starts to take shape and soon, all the loose skin will start to disappear.

There are foods which help you with resistance training or weight lifting that will help you quickly achieve your objective.

Foods and Supplements to quicken the Skin Tightening Process

Resistance training needs loads of energy, protein and other nutrients to help your body to get in shape, and build muscles. We now give you the list essential for skin tightening.

1 Whey Protein

This quick digesting whey protein helps your skin retain moisture, free of wrinkles and maintain elasticity. Whey protein helps your body build muscle and is of utmost importance in resistance training. The BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids) helps your body rebuild broken tendons and restore them to normalcy.

Other Awesome benefits of having protein are:

  1. Helps you build more muscular body and appear stronger.
  2. It will ensure you lose more of underlying fat and less muscles.
  3. You will feel fuller for longer, so you eat less (again less fat)
  4. Preserve muscles even when you age.

2 Drink More Water

People drink less water and is the biggest mistake. Water helps your skin retain radiance as hydration is important for your whole body. Drink at least 10-12 glasses of water for glowing skin.


Muscles are made up of water. Water helps your muscles bulge. So, if you want healthy skin and good underlying muscles, water is something you should not ignore.

3 Fruits & Vegetables

Nature’s booty, fruits and vegetables contain dozens of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants that help your skin glow. The natural sugars, proteins and phytonutrients help you maintain the nutritional balance much necessary for a healthy body. Never miss your daily intake of fresh vegetables and fruits.

4 Fish Oil

Loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids, fish oil helps you maintain your skin elasticity. We have a full list of best fish oil supplements from which you can choose. Fish oils are a good Fat Burner and help you display the underlying ABS. They also increase your metabolism so that digesting what you eat is never a problem.

5 Good Night’s Sleep

Resistance trainers need a peaceful 8-10 hours of sleep, which not only recharges your batteries, helps rebuild broken muscles and you get ready for next day’s exercises. Good sleep ensures, your skin glows with health.


Weight loss brings its own set of problems, like Loose Skin, although it is not difficult to get rid of. Physical exercises like resistance training can help you grow muscle, which take care of the sagging skin. Whey protein, vegetables and fruits, fish oil and hydration can speed up the process. There is nothing to worry about.

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