Hooked On Phonics

Hooked On Phonics Reviews: Does It Really Work?

Hooked On Phonics Reviews:

You have probably heard of the Hooked On Phonics learn-to-read pack from the infomercial. Just like all other parents, you want the best for your child, particularly when it comes to leaning how to read which is one of the biggest milestones of their lives.

Hooked On Phonics

You have probably picked up a number of other products for your child that has not proved very useful or effective. You are now wondering whether Hooked On Phonics is one of those products that is only a waste of cash and nothing else.
Rest assured because I’ve come up with this article to talk about genuine Addicted to Phonics testimonials from parents who’ve used it. These review articles result from various trusted resources on the internet. I’ve also tried to assemble some of the problems that some parents possess regarding the product which I may also give out below.

Hooked On Phonics review

What Is ADDICTED TO Phonics?

It really is essentially a scheduled plan that aims to instruct your child how accurately to read. The company claims that program has been created after a whole lot of study by leading educators. It comprises of lessons which come in various types, each lesson taking just 20 moments or less to total, designed to fit in today’s occupied schedules. The Hooked On Phonics program is based on the 3 step approach below:

  1. Learn – By viewing the DVD, your son or daughter shall figure out how to recognize and read fresh words
  2. Practice – Utilizing the workbook, your son or daughter can practice the brand new word and sound mixtures
  3. Read – Your son or daughter will get the opportunity to incorporate what they have discovered by reading a great story from the storybooks.

To top everything, there exists a reward sticker at the ultimate eliminate to celebrate your child’s success.



The DVDs are designed in a way to ensure that they guide your child through the lessons level by level. They need to be watched first to introduce the child to the lesson of the day and capture their interest. Contain both visual and audio features and through the help of animated letters. They help your child to relate the sound they hear to a visually displayed written word.
There are four different programs available depending on the age of your child, pre-K for pre-kindergarten students, kindergarten 1st grade and 2nd grade. You can also get the complete package for ages 3 to 8 which includes all of the four programs which is what the company recommends is the best investment which is why they currently have a special offer on to try the system for just $14.95 with free shipping and full money guarantee if you are not satisfied if you buy from the official website link below.

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Final Hooked on Phonics Review

Hooked on Phonics is getting our nod of approval based on their comprehensive programs, and how effective their method is for teaching children how to read. By giving them the tools to break up words by the sounds the letters and letter combinations make. They basically decode our reading and writing system. So that your child will never be able to run into a word they can’t crack. This allows for faster assimilation of new words, and the ability to quickly increase their vocabulary more.

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