Growth Hacking Marketing Strategy by Alain Templeman

Prosperity of any business lies at the foundation of robust marketing strategy, the overall game plan of any organization revolves around it because it helps one to attract customers through communicating their business advantages and key products and services to their potential audiences. Here we have tried to create a brief guide that will help you to create or update your existing marketing plan.

What Marketing Strategy Actually Means?

Marketing stratagem is the section of your business plan that fetches clients and customers to your business. Some people confuse terminologies marketing strategy and market plan but these both are completely different from each other.

Marketing Strategy: It focuses on clearing your idea on what you actually want to have for your business and where your marketing efforts are going to focus.

Marketing Plan briefs how you’ll accomplish those goals.

How to Create an Efficient Marketing Strategy?

Before writing your marketing strategy you need to get fully aware about your products and services what are their unique features and how they are different from your competitors? Before making your marketing strategy you need to understand your market and targeted customers. Once you have done with your research Alain suggests including following 5 P’s in your approach.

Products: What are you selling? What are the physical attributes of your products and what is unique about your services? How they are beneficial for buyers?

Price: What are the costs of your products? Is it competitive? Would that fixed price fetch profits for you?

Place: Where will be your products and services are available for direct purchasing? This is something beyond having home and office. If you are dealing in multiple places you should work to calculate the %age of sales from every place. What will be your internet marketing strategy? What is your sales strategy? What would be your refund policy?

Promotion: Use all the necessary information and tactics that you can follow to attract your customers. Make your business promotion strategy with in the ambit of following questions.

How you are going to approach your market? What marketing tactics you are going to follow to enhance the reach of your products? What you are going to offer for your customers?

People: It is the most important P added in the marketing it simply refers to the people helpful to deliver your products and services their training and professionalism play as the key.

When developing your marketing strategy be specific about using detailed steps, visuals and budget projections. Keep your brand in your mind and make sure to make your business strategy accordingly. Apart from this, you can feel free to contact Alain Templeman to get further information.

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