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The great news for us:looking forward to the iPhone 8

The great news of iphone 8.A report said a few days in the past that poor yields for 10nm chips may effect the release of several high-profile smartphones next year, which includes next-gen iPads and iPhones.

apple-iphone-8 image

TSMC became one of the agencies that was supposedly experiencing problems with 10nm chip production. however the company has now refuted the declare, suggesting that everything is moving forward on schedule.

That’s really amazing news for next year’s iPhone 8 and iPhone 7s, in order to supposedly p.c. A11 chips produced on TSMC’s 10nm method. the next iPad must also characteristic a 10nm chip. Neither Apple nor TSMC showed that 2017 iOS devices will feature TSMC silicon, even though it’s extensively believed that TSMC has been presented contracts for iPad and iPhone fashions in 2017.

according to EETimes, TSMC said that its 10nm system is “totally on tune” and will contribute to sales revenue within the first region of 2017. The update comes directly from TSMC’s company Communications senior director, Elizabeth solar.

Digitimes’ report last week stated that it’s not just TSMC that has running into yield problems with 10nm chips. Samsung, which is also making 10nm chips for Qualcomm and for itself, was said to be experiencing similar issues.

EETimes notes that TSMC is also busy growing mobile chips for the destiny, which includes 7nm, 5nm, and 3nm technology. The company says it’ll start on 7nm chips in 2017, after which 5nm chips in 2019, to support smartphones and high-give up mobile products that might provide support for VR and AR capabilities. Chips constructed on 3nm mannerhave to be manufactured beginning in 2021.

TSMC will no longer be the only company pushing the envelope in terms of mobile chips. Intel and Samsung also are looking past 10nm chips. according to EETimes, all three of the organizations are using three-dimensional tweaks to take geometries down as a ways as 1nm in the future.

however, we’re presently greater interested in 10nm chips than some thing else, and whether TSMC and Samsung can supply them in large enough quantities to equip all of next 12 months’s iOS and Android flagships.

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