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Best Foods To Increase Your Brain Power & Memory

What are the three essential items for human survival? Food, clothing, and shelter. Eating the right food makes your body healthy. Having the right amount of proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates in your diet can make you feel happy and content. A food deprived of carbohydrates and other essential ingredients will set you on the path of illness. In this article, let us focus on foods that can increase your memory power.

In this world, everyone wants to become successful. How to achieve success? Motivational experts say that you get success where hard work meets opportunity. In other words, you have to be alert when you get the opportunity. So, you need to program your brain to stay alert at all times. Okay, you can do exercise to make your body fit and healthy at all times. But let us focus on foods in this article. Selecting the right diet with the best recipes can boost your brain’s potential.


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Our ancestors understood the importance of leafy greens. So they made it mandatory to include at least one green leafy recipe in non-vegetarian recipes. Yes, there are many varieties, such as Kale but the best nutrients you can find in Broccoli. It has a high content of Vitamin K as well as glucosinolates. You can also easily mix this leafy green with ease in vegetarian or non-vegetarian recipes. You can have it steamed or roasted in Hyderabad Biryani or vegetable rice. The options are endless.


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Medical science has proved, fish is an excellent source of all essential ingredients needed for the human body. They contain omega-3 fatty acids, which are considered a powerhouse for the entire human body. Well, other fishes which share the same trait as salmon are sardines, herring, trout, and mackerel.

Although there are a variety of mouth-watering dishes, please do not fry the salmon. The reason, many of the beneficial chemicals get lost or may get altered. So, the best option is to bake, broil or steam the salmon.


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There is a famous proverb, an egg a day keeps illness at bay. The important medicinal components of eggs are folic acid and B12. These two compounds have the ability to restrain shrinkage of the brain. So, your memory stays fresh at all times.

Usually, hectic work professionals prefer having an egg omelet for breakfast. But please ensure, that the eggs are cooked properly to get the maximum benefits.


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There are varieties of berries. Among the many, blueberries are known for possessing ingredients which prevent negative conditions of the brain such as dementia and Alzheimer. You can easily include the blueberries in your breakfast, lunch or dinner.


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Mention tomatoes and the first item to come to your mind is its red color. But very few know the medicinal properties of tomatoes. The main medicinal component is lycopene. This antioxidant prevents free radicals from causing damage to the brain. And this small vegetable also prevents Alzheimer and dementia formation in the brain.

To facilitate absorption of lycopene in your body, you can cook the recipe containing tomatoes in olive oil. Usually, tomatoes are a favorite addition in many of the salads.



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There are many fruits which garner interest by their appearance. One such is avocado. They can enhance the functions of the brain. The reason, this fruit has a high quantity of vitamin E and C as well a good dose of mono-saturated fats.

Usually, avocados make a favorite side dish to baked salmon recipes. You can consume it in free form along with an egg.


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There is a famous proverb – if you eat walnuts, you will never go nuts. Your brain gets a boost to perform to its entire potential. Walnuts have a high composition of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. They enhance the cognitive function of the brain. Because of the high composition of Vitamin E, these nuts can help to keep off brain diseases at a distance.

Dark Chocolate

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Yummy! That is the first word from your mouth when you hear about dark chocolate. But please do not mention this aspect to your children. Or they will not eat normal dishes, but only ask for chocolate. As you know, cacao beans have rich quantities of flavorless. The characteristic of this compound is that it can reduce the blood pressure and enhance the flow of blood to the brain and heart.

Hello, also please note, that we are talking about dark chocolate. Not white chocolate. Many chocolates you see, have preservatives to deter spoilage. It will also contain lots of sugar.

Brain Foods

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Including the above-mentioned foods in your daily dish is a very safe way to boost your brain. Want to achieve success? Then do not miss to include them in your daily diet.

Many a time, you do not feel gratitude for the benefits passed on to us by the Supreme Power.  You feel that the body and mind belong to you and use it to the utmost to work for others, to advance in your career and fulfill your desires. But please note, a healthy brain and mind can reside in a healthy body. With degenerative diseases such as dementia on the increase, coupled with the stress that you take in your daily life, it has become mandatory to take care of the brain.


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Have you read the article? Do you feel that more vegetables and fruits do have the potential to enhance the function of the brain? If so, please put a comment below.

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