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Officials give flu season warnings, Advice Avoid the hospital

Health officials claim they understand why someone wracked with a cough, chills, and fever from flu might want to get checked out at the hospital. But for most people, there’s no need to go.

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The best course of action is to stay home and rest.
“They’re going to recover without any intervention,” said Dr. Danuta Skowronski, of the B.C. Centre for Disease Control.
Influenza cases in British Columbia continue to climb and health officials are reminding people to protect themselves from the respiratory illness.
Part of this messaging is an attempt to keep people who are otherwise healthy. But sick with the flu – away from emergency rooms because very few require treatment beyond rest and fluids.

Going to hospitals exposes others to the virus, especially those with weakened immune systems or other health complications. It also ties up medical resources for individuals who might need them more.
“It’s an increased drain on the health care system for otherwise healthy individuals to be seeking care for flu-like illness,” said Skowronski
Still, Dr. Aamir Bharmal, medical health officer with Fraser Health Authority, says he understands why persons go to emergency departments even though health officials recommend against it.

Barmal said that they feel quite unwell consequently of it plus they want to get tested.
Admission statistics from hospitals present the quantity of folks who head to crisis departments is sometimes higher in December and January – busy a few months for influenza.

Using other avenues

For instance, according to data from Island Health, the quantity of folks – typically. Who arrived every day at Victoria General Hospital’s emergency section was 167 in December 2016.
It rose to 175 most people typically each day in January 2017. The best daily standard of the entire year – before declining in subsequent a few months.
It’s hard to state how many of these visits were because of influenza.
When someone with a flu-like illness would go to the er, they are classified simply because having a respiratory problem or an ears, throat and nose problem. It requires several days to verify influenza through tests.
Bharmal from a lot of people unwell with the flu should think about other options besides going to the hospital.
Fraser Health insurance and other wellness authorities advise that if most people are concerned about about their condition they should initial call their doctor.
If they don’t possess a doctor, visit a walk-in clinic or contact HealthLinkBC by dialling 811. Its nonemergency telephone service is obtainable 24 hours per day, a week a full week, and connects most people searching for health advice with federal government nurses.

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That between October and December 2017 the Ministry of Health says. HealthLinkBC nurses answered 9,003 calls from many people about cold and flu related problems.
Lessthan 6% told to contact 911, but a lot more than 29% were told they ought to see a physician in a full hour.
Another 26% of people was told to see a medical expert within a day and 36% were given self-care instructions.
Meanwhile, health officials motivate many people to get a flu shot still. Skowronski said it’ll be a couple weeks before officials will understand how effective it really is for the existing flu season.
Both Influenza B and A have already been circulating, which is uncommon – Skowronski describes the siltation as a, “twice whammy.”

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