dog flu

Flu vaccination being considered – for pets – as ‘pet dog flu’

Canine companions may be joining their human owners in suffering through a particularly rough flu season.

dog flu
Multiple sources have reported that canine influenza, or doggie flu, has spread rapidly in many parts of the country, concerning some vets and pet owners.
Fox News on Tuesday reported that doggie flu had spread to at least 46 states.
Outbreaks of the contagious illness have been reported nationwide, most notably on the West Coast, including the San Francisco Bay Area near San Jose as well as Washington.

In giving an answer to Fox News’ tale, Dr. Tag Kumar of Fairhaven Veterinary Medical center in Washington claimed, “there’s been no serious upsurge in flu situations on the west coastline.”
However, one veterinarian at the United Veterinary Specialty and Crisis Hospital in Campbell lately told SFGate the facility had seen about 50 cases during the past two weeks, but simply no reported deaths, as the mortality price of dog flu is low.

Humans cannot capture canine influenza from canines. Pet dog flu causes upper-respiratory attacks with symptoms like the individual flu, or kennel cough: coughs, runny lethargy and snouts that may last so long as four weeks. It’s been diagnosed since 2004.
Vaccinations have got not been recommended widely, but that may modification if cases continue steadily to boost, said Monterey-based veterinarian Margaret Finaly, who called the condition contagious “very.”

dog flu vaccination
“There were very recently a few confirmed cases up in the higher San Jose area, so that it is getting into this area (Monterey)”. Finaly told KSBW, “and because it is extremely contagious, I’m sure it is a matter of time before we start seeing cases just.”
Others are more adamant about taking proactive steps to stop spread of the illness.
“We are taking this outbreak very seriously, as infected dogs are getting very ill,” Dr. Kyle Frandle of Los Gatos Doggie & Cat Hospital said in a note to his clients, according to San Jose Mercury News.

Frandle recommended vaccination during a Q&A with Mercury News, adding that owners should keep their dogs away from other animals.
SFGate reported that the two strains of doggie flu – H3N2 and H3N8 – didn’t come to California until 2017, with one case reported in Sacramento.
Human influenza, meanwhile, is usually widespread in every state but Hawaii. It continues to be a devastating flu season with rising death counts across the country, though some experts think the worst may be over.

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