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How Digital Devices Make us Myopic? Find Conclusion

The coming of laser surgery, breakthrough in genetics and evolution of numerous vaccines significantly contributed to the improved healthcare industry. But as the industry flourishes and make great strides towards the inevitable success, certain smaller things are still to be dealt with.

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Near-sightedness or myopia is one among the many loop holes and many researchers believe that the answer is quite obvious, small and right in front of you. Digital devices that include laptops, smartphones, tablets, PDAs and other such are among the main factors contributing to the imminent rise of myopic individuals.

About myopia

Short-sightedness, near-sightedness or myopia; whatever you wish to name stems from incapability of the affected eye to focus on objects within the range of visual perception! During the onset, the incoming light is diverged from truly reaching the retina which results in distorted and blurred vision. There’re a few different causes of myopia such as physically elongated eye due to which light is unable to focus properly on the retina and results in the anomaly.

A wide range of environmental and genetic factors triggers the condition along with exposure of the eye to harmful chemical, infection or as a post-surgical syndrome. Myopia is quite common and accepted as a part of life when diagnosed but, it doesn’t have to be this way since near-sightedness is treatable.

Contact lenses or glasses now seem to be a norm but in time, it can be quite an expensive compromise and something you’d have to live with your entire life. One of the safest, easiest and most natural ways to treat myopia is with essential herbal supplements, eye vitamins and minerals.

Before myopia reaches to a treatment stage, it can be countered by certain preventive steps and the first is limiting total screen time per day which is perhaps most important of all in the digital age.

The Screen time nation

The connection between myopia and digital devices is the total time we spend on them which has now exceeded to more than 16-hours per day as compared to 8.5 back in 2009. Put adults aside, children nowadays invest most of their quality time with these devices rather than being engaged in physical activities like sports and games so on.

Classrooms nowadays include digital devices, laptops and tablet as a means of teaching; all of which is affecting our health in the most pessimistic way especially eyesight. Blue light released from digital devices also affects our brain which results in disturbed sleep quality, which makes us more myopic. People spending too much time staring at laptop or digital device develop Computer Vision Syndrome which is characterised by dry and itchy eye with strained ocular muscles.

Children aren’t born with a fully developed vision instead, it matures throughout early childhood till teenage. And if these crucial years are spent staring at digital device, it’s likely to impact the eyesight in a way which disable proper focus on near objects thereby leaving the children susceptible to myopia in Dubai for the entire life.


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