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Constipation may be a danger aspect for kidney disease constipation is a common gastrointestinal problem that affects tens of millions of americans. even though the condition in itself is rarely dangerous, new research shows constipation may be a sign of poor kidney fitness. Constipation affects round 42 million people, according to the national Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney diseases (NIDDK). every year, constipation accounts for 2.5 million visits to the doctor. complications are very rare, but persistent, long-lasting constipation can lead to severe health problems. preceding research has linked constipation to an improved danger of cardiovascular ailment, possibly through its result son intestinal bacteria. An analysis of over 70,000 women discovered a 23 percentage elevated chance of cardiovascular disease in girls with extreme constipation. a new observe looks at the hyperlink between constipation and kidney health. CKD, kidneyRead More →

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The drugmakers improve access for bad, GSK ranked top The world’s pinnacle drugmakers have progressed access to medicines in developing countries but nevertheless want to do greater to make a wider range of merchandise low-cost, according to a file on Monday. The access to medicine Index, which ranks the 20 leading pharmaceutical organizations each two years, determined Glaxo Smith Kline led the percent for the 5th time, accompanied by using Johnson & Johnson, Novartis and Merck KGaA. The independently compiled index, first launched in 2008, is now extensively tracked through the enterprise and has helped focus executives’ attention on the difficulty of getting lifestyles-saving treatments to people in poor nations. Jayasree Iyer, govt director of the Amsterdam-based access to medicine basis, said drugmakers have been turning into extra sophisticated inRead More →

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Johnson & Johnson  arthritis drug goes up against Humira, with combined effects Johnson & Johnson stated its experimental sirukumab treatment for rheumatoid arthritis confirmed combined effects against Abb Vie Inc’s top-selling Humira in a big trial. by one measure, patients with moderate to severe disease who took sirukumab confirmed significantly more improvement in the phase III study than those taking Humira, J&J said on Saturday. however another evaluation showed no sizable advantage of 1 drug over the alternative. in the 559-patient study, the ones taking sirukumab scored declines after 24 weeks of 2.58 with a low dose and 2.96 withRead More →

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Stress ‘adjustments brains of boys and girls differently’ Very disturbing activities have an effect on the brains of girls and boys in unique ways, a Stanford college study suggests. a part of the mind connected to emotions and empathy, referred to as the insula, was found to be in particular small in girls who had suffered trauma. however in traumatised boys, the insula became larger than usual. this may provide an explanation for why ladies are more likely than boys to develop post-traumatic strain disease (PTSD), the researchers stated. Their findings suggest that boys and girls could display contrasting symptoms after a specifically distressing or scary event, and haveRead More →

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World health organisation urges all nations to tax sugary beverages WHO says a tax of 20% results in a drop in income and intake of sugary beverages, which are driving obesity crisis All countries are being urged to don’t forget introducing a sugary beverages tax by the sector fitness organisation as an effective manner of curbing the soaring obesity rate, especially in children. The WHO’s advice comes as increasingly nations are considering fiscal measures to dissuade humans from buying the big quantities of colas, lemonades and different sugary gentle drinks which have been diagnosed as a major purpose of the global overweight and obesity crisis. it’s going to strengthen the hand of campaigners in internationalRead More →

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How was changed into your weekend running?   About your weekend for a race, parkrun, nursing niggles? As usually, share your woes,triumphs,cake suggestions.   it is horrifying how quickly you lose health. It’s been a while since Berlin, and that i’ve been fighting diverse niggles and most effective within the remaining week or so trying to select up the mileage and pace a bit. And it’s no longer clean. To be honest I’m feeling a bit dispirited about it, and rather wishing I may want to fast forward the next couple of months (someone makeRead More →

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Zika therapy ‘works in the womb’ Scientists say they’ll have determined a manner to protect babies in the womb from the damaging results of Zika. to date america group has best had achievement in mice with its antibody treatment, however it says it’d eventually cause a therapy for women who seize Zika in being pregnant. The Zika virus can critically harm a newborn’s brain. The antibody therapy is made the usage of blood cells from people who have currently had and fought off Zika. In mice, the treatment significantly reduced the quantity of Zika virus that circulated in the mom’s blood and crossed the placenta into the child,Read More →

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Men’s long working hours, short sleep may harm health in old age Long working hours and skimping on sleep in midlife may result in poorer bodily health in old age, according to a study from Finland.   a quarter-century look at of Finnish businessmen found people who worked extra than 50 hours every week and slept less than forty seven hours weekly when they were middle aged were in worse physical health as old men than peers who had more healthy work and sleep behavior once they were in their prime. “The results are in keeping with what weRead More →

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Science says pudgy dads are more attractive A new book, How guys Age, gives a defence of the pudgy dad, suggesting that larger fathers are more healthy and more attractive than their skinny counterparts name: The pudgy dad Age: likely in his 30s. This already smacks of wishful thinking. You’re wrong. overweight dads are a systematic miracle, and i’ve the evidence. Oh, definitely? What proof is that? the new book How men Age, which shows that a slow physical decline after turning into a parent makes men more healthy, more attractive and possibly to stay longer. this is just a shot in the darkish, but changed into this book written by aRead More →

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Sanofi companions with Brazil to boost up Zika vaccine work Sanofi has struck a collaboration address a main Brazilian studies institute to speed development of a Zika vaccine, consolidating the French drug maker’s leading position inside the race to defeat the mosquito-borne virus. The deal with the Fiocruz public health center follows a tie-up in July among Sanofi and a U.S. navy research institute, which gave the drug maker access to one of the furthest superior vaccines in development. [nL8N19S0AZ] Sanofi stated on Thursday that all three studies organizations would now paintings together to “growth the chance ofRead More →