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Get Rid of that Acne Scar! Try this 9 Best Home Remedies for Acne

9 Best Home Remedies for Acne

Seeing some acne scars on your face is terrible and can cause you worries. They spoil your beauty. Having acne or even an acne scar can lower an individual’s self-confidence. Sadly, we all know that a little confidence can lead to unhappiness. So, to erase the wounds in your beautiful face, use the home remedies listed below to get naturally rid of that unwanted markings.

acne remove

Acne scars occurred when you popped up and pricked your pimples. This popping can lead to inflammation on the spots, and when these spots do not heal appropriately, they will leave scars on your skin. Injuries resulting from acne are called atrophic scars. These scars are deep and will exist in your skin for a long time when not treated with laser treatment or natural remedies. Since all cannot afford laser treatment; we will just focus on some home remedies. If you are on a tight budget, try these inexpensive and natural medications.

Lemon Juice

All and gently scrub it on your injuries. Leave it for about 10 to 15 minutes and rinse it with water after. You might be surprised that doing this for a couple of days will lighten the dark-colored scars. For your information, lemon’s acid component does the fantastic work!

Sandal Wood and Rosewater Paste

Apply sandalwood and rosewater over the scarred area on your face. Let the paste stay on those marks for more than 60 minutes and rinse it with water after. Individuals with sensitive skin may not worry about this treatment because sandalwood has a cooling effect on the surface, and it is not harmful to any skin types.

Baking Soda and Water Mixture

You can also utilize baking soda. Make a mixture of baking soda and water, mix the two ingredients well and scrub to the scared area. Leave it for about 2 to 5 minutes then rinse with water. Baking soda is a component of some cosmetic treatments. It can clear your skin of dead skin cells.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is considered to be a mysterious substance for the reason that it can enhance some skin conditions. It can make your skin soft and smooth. Regularly, apply a tiny drop of olive oil to the scarred area on your skin for 15 minutes then rinse with water, and it will fade the unpleasant makings. Olive oil is fully loaded with vitamins especially Vitamin E, which is renowned for its ability to improve skin texture, color and prevent aging.

Cucumber Juice

Apply cucumber juice to the troubled area or use it as a face mask. Leave it for a significant time then rinse it with water afterward. Did you know that cucumber is an essential component of some beauty products? Yes, because cucumber can make your skin soft, smooth and supple. It refreshes your skin and can treat scars.

Ice Cubes

One of the simplest and cheapest home cure is applying ice cubes directly to the troubled area on your skin. Wrap the cubes in a soft cloth and immediately scrub it on the scars for about 10 to 15 minutes every day. Its cooling effect can lessen inflammation and redness of your pimples and blemishes.

Tomato Paste

Make a tomato paste or slice a tomato and apply it on your scars for a sufficient amount of time, the minimum time is an hour. Rinse it later on. Believe it; tomatoes can diminish scars on your face. Tomatoes are high in Vitamin A content that refreshes rejuvenates and treats your damaged skin. Eating and applying tomatoes can give you a glowing skin.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera gel is used for curing scars widespread. It has the gift of treating breakouts, wounds, and scars. Frequent application of its gel can permanently fade away the unlikable signs of acne over time. It is also one of the essential ingredients in some skin care products. Beyond doubt, Aloe Vera is magical. Read Also Richest President around the World.

Egg whites

Egg whites too have the curing ability. It can help scars look less visible and avoid new breakouts. Get a bowl and beat an egg white, when they become fluffy, spread it on your scars. Let it dry and rinse after a few minutes. Do this twice or thrice a week.

Homemade remedies are safer ways to heal wounds and scars. They would not lead to any side effects for the reason that they do not contain harmful chemicals.

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