Barkbox Reviews: Dog Toys Treats & Gifts Every Month

Barkbox Reviews: Dog Toys Treats & Gifts Every Month


"BarkBox Best Dog Subscription Box for small, medium and large dogs. Every BarkBox is loaded with toys and healthy treats. Get coupon code on first box"


BarkBox is a month to month subscription box for dogs. It’s one of our favorite subscription boxes - our doggie loves it, and we’ve gifted it to dogs in our extended family as well!

BarkBox customizes your box to your dog’s size. For reference, this review is usually for the small size (our doggie weighs 14 pounds). Check out ’Ragans April review of the super chewer box!
My Subscription Addiction pays for this subscription. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

BarkBox is the most popular doggie subscription box. They now offer a Super Chewer Box version for dogs who are destructive. When you have read some of my dog subscription critiques, you shall understand that my Rottweiler, Nyx, can be an expert at locating the disadvantages in toys and tearing them aside, so this seemed ideal for her. (For reference, Nyx weighs about 87 pounds at this time.)


This box was delivered to US free for review. (Browse the review procedure post to find out more about how exactly we review boxes.)

BarkBox googs

This review is of the Large Super Chewer, $39 a month, box.

What is BarkBox

BarkBox is a subscription Box based totally online provider in which participants receive month-to-month surprises for his or her dogs, inclusive of all-natural treats, hygiene merchandise, and toys. The service is for puppies of all sizes, which include dogs, medium-sized adults, or even large breeds such as remarkable danes. As such, BarkBox cautiously crafts every of your month-to-month boxes for your particular dog’s size—and because you in no way recognize what you’re going to get, every of the four-six objects you obtain will continually be a marvel.

barkbox image

In keeping with the barkbox internet site, all fit to be eaten objects are examined in-residence, are sourced without delay from the u.S., canada, australia, south america  and new Zealand, and are never processed with formaldehyde. Because barkbox’s founders are canine enthusiasts as nicely, they wouldn’t send anything on your dogs, that they wouldn’t send to their personal. Further, the organization claims that at least 10% of all income are given to canine-related shelters, rescues, and welfare companies.

New York

Based out of NY, New York, BarkBox is normally a subscription-based on the web support where members obtain monthly surprises because of their dogs, comprising all-natural treats, hygiene items, and toys and games. The support is normally for canines of most sizes, including pups, medium-sized adults, or huge breeds such as for example Great Danes even. As such, BarkBox cautiously crafts each of your regular boxes to your unique dog’s size-and when you in no way know what you’re likely to get, each one of the 4-6 items you obtain is a surprise always.

According to the BarkBox website, all edible items are tested in-house, are sourced directly from the U.S., Canada, South America, Australia, and New Zealand, and are by no means processed with formaldehyde. Because BarkBox’s founders are doggie lovers as well, they wouldn’t send anything to your dogs, that they wouldn’t send to their own. As well, the company claims that at least 10% of all profits are given to canine-related shelters, rescues, and welfare organizations.

About BarkBox Super Chewer

The Subscription Box: Super Chewer BarkBox
The Cost: $39 per month + free shipping. Save with longer subscriptions!
LIMITED TIME Offer: Get your initial BarkBox Super Chewer Package designed for $5 when you join a 6 or 12-month subscription! No promotion code necessary, use this link just!
The Products: Playthings, treats, and grooming products selected for your pet predicated on size (choose “ Little but Mighty” for 0-20 pounds, “Middle Fat ” for 20-50 pounds, and “ Good sized and in control ” for canines 50+ pounds).
COUPON: Get a free of charge extra month when you join a 6 or 12 month membership (SUBADDICTION) or $10 Barkshop credit (ADDICTION) any brand-new BarkBox Subscription. Barkshop credit code emailed 3-5 business days after buy with promotion code addiction or sub-addiction
The Products: Playthings, treats, and grooming products ideal for your dog predicated on their size.
Ships to: U.S. and Canada


BarkBox Super Chewer December 2017 “Dogmas in the City” Review

BarkBox custom produces most of their treats and toys, so everything constantly nicely revolves around a theme:

BarkBox theme

BarkBox theme

The information card varies month-to-month when it comes to style but I definitely appreciate the creativity that goes into it.

BarkBox card

BarkBox card

There was also a general introductory card relating to the super chewer version of Barkbox.

BarkBox smowball


This is a treat-dispensing toy (so it has holes in both ends for safety). It is best for smaller treats. It is rubber, but the surface has a different texture from some of the additional rubber toys you observe in this package (in fact, it’s a little bit sticky). Nyx thought this was fairly fun, once she started to figure it out.

BarkBox pack


These are free of wheat, corn, and soy and it made in the USA. They are not grain-free, though, as they contain brownish rice, pearled barley, and oatmeal (these are fine for dogs without food sensitivities). I don’t think the BarkBox shop has indexed properly because I experienced to find these via Google search. But I am kind of wondering if they did all 12 days of Christmas or only a couple (see below).
These are pretty similar to the chicken treats above - free of wheat, corn, and soy, but containing oatmeal, brown rice, and pearled barley.


Super Chewer box

This is a Barkbox special and is sold out, but I remembered this toy from a past Barkbox Super Chewer box, so I’ve used the value from that review. Like last time, this plaything had a strong smell so I’ve had to let it air flow out for a few days before providing it to Nyx. Just like a KONG, it offers holes on both ends so you can put peanut butter or wet food or something in there and your dog can work it out without getting his / her tongue stuck.

This brand doesn’t do e-commerce and other places that sell it don’t have the full product line, so the value is an estimate based on prices of what I believe of similar sizes of treats from the same brand (see some of their items for sale here). This is 100% steak and apparently can stain carpets. (Regrettably, Nyx can’t have beef, so we’ll be passing this along to another dog to enjoy.) I have seen this brand at Publix supermarkets so if you live in the Southeast and have a Publix nearby, you may be able to get more of these there.

These are made from beef ligament and beef liver and are supposed to be crunchy (see above re: Nyx and beef). I like that we got the “mega” size for a box meant for large dogs. It appears simple, but some subscription boxes for dogs don’t constantly send size-appropriate items for large breeds.

Here are some shots of Nyx with the snowball toy. I put some Nyx-safe treats in there which made her happy!



I calculated a value of about $60 for this month’s BarkBox Super Chewer Package. That is over the price of the subscription on a month-to-month basis by actually quite a lot! I found presently there to be a pretty good mix of treats, toys, and chews. Nyx’s dietary needs are unusual so she wasn’t really able to enjoy the treats and chews, but if you’ll remember back to the booklet pictured above, it is possible to personalize this subscription based on your dog’s allergies, etc. So definitely keep that in mind if your dog has allergies or food sensitivities. The toys were definitely durable and overall, everything seemed to be of good quality.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? No, your first package would be January’s.
Coupon - For a limited time, get your 1st BarkBox Super Chewer Package for $5 when you sign up for a 6 or 12-month subscription! No coupon code necessary, just use this link!
Value Breakdown: At $39 for the package, you’d be paying approximately the following per item:

  • Orbee-Tuff Snowball $8.45
  • Six Treats a’Clucking $7.80
  • Seven Snacks a’Quacking $7.80
  • Max the Marching Penguin $7.80
  • Butcher’s Block Bones 100% Organic Roasted Beef Steak $2.60
  • Etta Says Select Liver Chews $4.54

Have a look at of our BarkBox Extremely Chewer lots and review articles of great boxes designed for dogs in your pet Subscription Box Directory all! And observe our past evaluations of the small and large dog versions of BarkBox here!
Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this package to your subscription list or wishlist!

BarkBox and Pricing

To commence with with BarkBox, basically select your dog’s size: 0-20 pounds, 20-50 pounds, or 50+ pounds. Of your pet’s size regardless all plans can be found at the same cost:

  • Month-to-month pricing is $29 monthly
  • A three-month membership is $24 monthly (a 17% savings)
  • A six-month membership is $19 monthly (a 34% savings)

All programs automatically billed, include free delivery USPS, and end up being cancelled at any best time without further dedication.
Each BarkBox surprise is sent on the 15th of every full month, and most consumers possess reported that they’ve received their deals and without delays quickly. However, if you’re a fresh BarkBox sign and consumer up following the 10th. Remember that your bundle shall not end up being sent before 15th of the next month. When your BarkBox is shipped with a defective item, the company provides all members with the chance to send it back immediately. At which stage you’ll either get a replacement unit or a credit against your accounts.



  • The BarkBox monthly surprises are specifically tailored toward your dog and often include useful items.
  • According to users who have tabulated the value of their BarkBox packages. The combined retail value exceeds the price of your monthly membership fee-even if you sign up for the most expensive option ($29/month).
  • Free shipping.


  • No customizable packages.
  • The BarkBox does not offer sets for cats or other common pets.

Other than these minor items, there don’t appear to be any other negatives. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Barkbox is a monthly subscription field for dogs. It’s one in all our favorite subscription bins – our dog loves it. And we’ve talented it to puppies in our prolonged family as well!

Barkbox customizes your field on your dog’s length. For reference, this assessment is for the small length (our dog weighs 14 kilos). Take a look at out ragan’s review of ultimate month’s box for huge puppies!

My subscription dependency pays for this subscription. (check out the evaluate technique publish to analyze greater approximately how we evaluation boxes).

The subscription container: barkbox

The value: $29 a month, or $19 a month with a 12-month subscription.

Coupon: get a unfastened extra month when you sign on for a 6 or 12-month subscription or 10% off (addiction) any new barkbox subscription with coupon code free bieboxmsa or dependancy

The products: toys, treats, and grooming products ideal for your canine primarily based on their length.

Ships to: US and Canada

Preserve track of your subscriptions –  upload barkbox for your subscription list or desire list!

Check out all my evaluations of barkbox and the pets subscription field directory!

Dynamo butcher’s block beef bite – value $four

For the beyond couple of months, they’ve usually included a rawhide/chunk in the container. Even as buckles doesn’t bite these, i can see why maximum puppies would like receiving one each month.

Verdict: this turned into my favored barkbox but – every item turned into top notch for the topic and loved by way of our canine – what extra could i ask for! All-of our-pals and circle of relatives that get this field always point-out how an awful lot their puppies like it. And the way they assume each container is for them. I suppose that’s why i just love gifting and receiving this field.


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